Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our Happy Place!

Another amazing week at Seagrove Beach for our little family! It is always a happy time filled with fun memories and lots of down time! It was definitely one of our best trips! We ate most of our meals out on the deck overlooking the beach! I think we ate enough shrimp to last us all year! 
We got in town and stopped at Bud & Ally's for our beach snacks and a drink, picked up 2.5 lbs of steamed shrimp at Goatfeather's and settled in for our week!
Jack and Lucy LOVED building sandcastles and playing in the waves. They both did great with the boogie boards and body surfing! We took naps, had fun snacks and loved being together!
This year we even had an extra special surprise when Poppa and Nunno showed up Wednesday night to spend a couple days with us! The kids were very excited and couldn't quite process what was happening as they came up the stairs! They loved them being there and we had some great beach time together and a yummy dinner out! 
I can't say enough about how happy we are to have that time together.  It is really happy and laid back and it was sad to say goodbye! But we have a lot of summer ahead of us and are enjoying getting back and having some pool time!