Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween and Running!

Halloween was so fun on a Friday night! The kids once again enjoyed playing in the front yard and handing out candy for trick-or-treaters more than anything! Steven and I were very happy hanging out at the house! 
We did meet up with friends and go around the neighborhood to get some fun treats! Darth Vader, Elsa, Storm Trooper and a Mommy! I know I know.. I am kind of boring! I did put on a witch hat for a little bit! 
It was a super fun night! We came in and sorted our candy in front of a fire and talked about all the costumes that we saw that night! 

This was also a really fun year because Jack got into cleaning out his own pumpkin, designed his own face and helped carve it! In the past, the kids have thought it was super yucky to clean them out! Luckily, Daddy does it for all of us! 

We also had a fun afternoon watching the Ga Tech Homecoming game! We made lots of fun snacks, had a fire and the four of us hung out snuggling and watching the game! It was a super cold windy day and our couch was the perfect place to be! 

As far as running, Lucy asked to please go on a "run run" with Mommy after school one day! I just LOVE that. We went for a little run/walk to the Greenway! We picked up leaves on the way home! It was so happy! 

AND Mommy has done a lot of running lately! I finished my 3rd Half Marathon on Saturday in Savannah! It was a really cool weekend! I got to ride down with Jennifer and run her first half with her! She was awesome! It was such a fun girls weekend! Amy, Yesim, Kelly and I stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast in downtown for the weekend. After the race, we came back and got showered and headed to an awesome lunch at Crystal Beer Parlor! That hamburger was amazing!!! We did lots of walking (i know. after the race!) around downtown and had such a great time! Ann and Sarah came down to meet us for a drink! That was so cool to get to see them! And we fit in a ghost tour!
Other highlights of the race (besides crossing the finish line!) was that Roger Moss sang the National Anthem and I got to wave to him as I crossed the start line! Roger is a special friend and even sang at our wedding and reception! He is amazing! I also ran into the Leonard cousins!!! I saw Keith, Michelle and John Michael! That is just too fun! It was also so neat to be in Savannah where we have spent so much time and there are so many special places! The community there supports the race in huge numbers! They lined the streets! It was such a great course and so much fun (and a lot of work!) I am happy the race is done and that we all finished strong! 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Such a FUN tradition!

We went to Burt's Pumpkin Farm for the 7th year in a row! It's so fun to look back at the past years and now to have such BIG kids with us!! Jack and Lucy were very excited about meeting Poppa and Nunno there this morning! I think Steven and I were most excited about Nunno's picnic!! She makes the most amazing picnic each year! We sit by the creek and have homemade chicken fingers, pimento cheese, deviled eggs, salads, chips, sandwiches and yummy treats!!!! 
The hayride was so fun and the kids loved running around picking out pumpkins. Jack actually said he just liked picking up pumpkins! ha! We had some popcorn and boiled peanuts in the shade and watched the families POUR into the farm! It is such a happy tradition! 
We got home from Burt's and started preparing for our Cub Scout meeting! We hosted the den here today and had safety lessons, made food pyramids to teach us how to eat healthy and even wore our costumes to prepare safely for Halloween this week! We played outside the rest of the afternoon and roasted S'mores by the fire again! Such a fun time of year!