Monday, October 20, 2014

More fun!

We had a GREAT weekend in Savannah celebrating Ryan (Steven's cousin) and Lizzie's wedding! The weather was picture perfect and both Friday and Saturday's events were outside and Uncle Steve and Aunt Laura's house on the bluff! It was just beautiful! We were so happy to be there and visit with everyone and the kids played so hard! They ran around playing tag and swinging on a tire swing both evenings! (I managed to not get ANY pictures from the wedding!!! Yikes!)
We got a great visit with Granny too! We got to go out to lunch and celebrate her birthday and catch up! Tubby's never disappoints and the food was so yummy! Lucy managed to finish an entire adult size portion of fried shrimp!
We got back in town on Sunday afternoon and they boys headed out for a hike at Sawnee Mountain with the Cub Scouts! Lucy and I headed to a baby shower for a friend! She really thought she was a big girl at the party! We all got back home around 6:00 and we ate dinner outside, had a fire and roasted s'mores! Seriously.. it was a very happy evening! LOVED it and the weather was just amazing!
I am enjoying my first real day off from work! WOW! I got up and went to boot camp and then met a friend for a 7 mile run on the Greenway! I am going to run errands and hopefully sit quietly by myself for a minute! Ha!
Happy Fall!!!!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!

The Leonards LOVE October! We are off to a great start too! Jack is loving 1st grade and comes home with something new he has learned everyday! Lucy continues to be the social butterfly in her class and amazes her teachers (and us) each day with her very mature and wide open thoughts!

Jack has one more day of running camp this week. He has participated in "Gotta Run Kids" and has really enjoyed it and improved! He is training to run a timed mile this Tuesday! He actually ran the whole mile this past Tuesday and we went out to eat pizza and celebrate! I was so proud of him and he had a smile on his face each time he came around for a lap! He even finished first in the group! It was really fun to see him so proud of himself too! It's been a good experience for us! He is also having fun with Cub Scouts too! He is a Tiger Cub and Steven is his Den Leader! Such a fun thing for the boys to do together! They have had several meetings, went on an adventure to the Roswell Mill and Jack got his Bobcat Badge this week! Jack's other big news is that he lost his first tooth this morning!!!! Snaggle tooth!!! Fun and sad for us! Such a big kid!

The family has enjoyed a few outings this Fall! We went to Hillcrest Orchards to spend the day and pick apples! The Coopers met us up there and we had a really fun time! We headed over to Cartecay Vineyards after that to try some wine and enjoy their Crush Festival! We ran into some high school friends that we had not seen in years! It was a really fun Saturday! We went to the Greek Festival Friday night! It's an annual tradition for us and never disappoints! SUCH great food, rides for the kiddos and yummy treats! We walked over from Julie and Scott's house! The first time we went with no kiddos... we have had up to 4 kids in strollers and this time the big kids walked with us! It's amazing how each year changes!
We got to go to the auction at the kids school last weekend! We were the happy winners of the desk that Jack's class painted and decorated! He was very excited! We even got to go for drinks and dinner with the Reilly's before the auction!!!
Speaking of the Reilly's...we had AMAZING seats for Garth Brooks a couple of weeks ago! We started our night with dinner in downtown Roswell and then headed to Philips for the show! SUCH a fun night!! We were up on our feet (and toes!) the whole show!

Let's see...what else to catch up on this Fall! Lots of changes for me!! I am about to start a new adventure with a new company! Just a crazy time! It's a very exciting time and also a very sad time for me. I have some amazing friends at Turner and have made some amazing memories! I will be starting a new career with BDR Partners in November! Wish us luck as we start a new adventure! I think it will be great for our family!
I have also started leading some classes on Saturday at Higher Purpose Fitness. It's a VERY exciting and rewarding experience for me. It's just FUN TOO!!!!! HPF is a huge part of my life and to get to lead classes there is quite the privilege!

Happy times for the Leonards! Happy and thankful everyday!

Hillcrest Orchards

Garth Brooks

Teaching at HPF!

Jack Running at Gotta Run Kids

Just for fun!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Start of school and off to the races!

Jack is officially a first grader at Vickery Creek Elementary! What a BIG kid! He loves his new class and we think his teacher if fantastic! He has come home singing about the water cycle and counting by 2s and 5s! It's fun to listen to his days and what he is learning this year! Lucy transitioned into her new big girl class too! And in typical Lucy style, she is happy and enthusiastic about it! Our sweet wide open baby girl!
We are getting back into our routine! A few bumps along the way with Jack being sick already! Gracious! Hopefully we are getting it out of the way early!

We also got to spend last weekend with Nannie and Ugga in town! The kiddos LOVE when they are here! We got in a lot of good pool time and squeezed in some nice adult time after the kids went to bed! They were fortunate to be here the second year in a row to participate in the Magnolia Run and be part of Caitlin's Crusaders! Aunt Jennifer did an amazing job pulling together a very big team to celebrate Caitlin and walk for such an important cause! We are so proud to be part of that group!

Labor Day weekend has been fabulous! Fabulous in Forsyth! We love a weekend where we don't leave our little area! We had neighbor's over to swim and grill out Friday night! And then Saturday, the Stephens came up (WAY up!) from Peachtree City to spend the day by the pool and hanging out! It was so fun! The kiddos played great and we ended the evening watching college football outside on the patio and grilling steaks! Sara and I started off Sunday morning with a fun run on the Greenway and then had breakfast on the deck! I wish we had gotten some more pictures of the kiddos, but we were so into hanging out that we didnt get the camera out! Ha!

We even squeezed in a neighbor's Labor Day party yesterday afternoon! I got up this morning and did the Labor Day Race for Autism with some fabulous HPF friends!!! The rest of the day, we are planning to spend today just the four of us! Maybe swimming or riding bikes and watching Star Wars 3!!!! We have made quite an event of watching a movie together! The kids are LOVING the Star Wars movies (and honestly I have never seen them so it's fun to me too! ....when I don't fall asleep during the movie! Ha! We actually had to watch the second one again so Mommy could catch up!)

One last thing..... Steven and I had the AMAZING experience of going to see Brad Paisley on the FRONT ROW - DEAD CENTER!!!!! Seriously felt like a celebrity! It was too fun to be that close! Hands up and lots of screaming! Such fun!!!