Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Whoa! Lots of kids and ridiculous amounts of candy! We had the best time in the neighborhood for Halloween! Our Antman, Flash, Mr. Incredible...and boring Mommy headed out to start the neighborhood with friends one one street and ended the night with a house FULL of friends here at our house!
It's really fun to see how many kids and families flood the streets in Polo! It's fun to see all of our buddies and the kids costumes! Jack ran ahead with a large group of kids. It's hard to believe that now he is in a big kids group! I had a hard time keeping up with him! Daddy and Lu stayed together and she was too cute going to each house! Lucy and I ran back to our house so we could see as many kids as possible trick or treating! Slowly, a group of kids and adults gathered back here to hand out candy, enjoy snacks and adult beverages! The kids played out in the front yard and eventually made their way to the basement for a movie! Such a fun happy night! We are also VERY happy to have a quiet morning with an extra hour to enjoy drinking coffee, watching shows and taking it easy!

Jack had his end of the season race with Gotta Run Kids.............and OH WOW! He just was amazing! I can't get over it and we are so proud of him!!! He ran his 1 mile race in 8:22!!! Are you serious??! He was so proud of himself! We celebrated BIG! Poppy and I ran the 5K before his race and both set PRs! GO us!!! Poppa took home ANOTHER award for his age group! Just so awesome! Lucy continues to LOVE soccer and hustles and smiles the whole time! We have really had a great time! She has 2 games left! One of the parents asked us yesterday, "Is she always this happy?!" And yep she is!

We have had some fun times the last few weeks. It's amazing how busy we seem to stay! Daddy and I had an awesome weekend in Highlands, NC with Julie and Scott! It's an annual tradition that we absolutely love and look forward to each year! Lots of fun shopping, football watching, eating and good wine! Another weekend was filled with a black tie BDR event at the Mandarin (The kids went with us and stayed with a nanny during the party, but we all got to wake up together in the hotel and drink coffee, milk and have breakfast! The kids think staying in a hotel is SOOOO fun!) We then headed to Statesboro where Mimi kept the kiddos while we went to a Ga Southern Football game! Go Eagles!!!! We got to tailgate, sit in the President's box, go on the sidelines to watch a few touchdowns, and even met Freedom the Eagle! Such a fun weekend!!!

We also had our annual trip to Burt's Pumpkin Farm with Poppa and Nunno! We picked out some great pumpkins, had a fun hay ride and enjoyed the BEST picnic ever that Nunno made! It's so fun and we love it each year! 8th year!!! Hard to believe! We had a fun evening carving our pumpkins! Jack is officially the De-gooper for the family! Lucy loved painting hers LOTS of colors this year!

It's officially November and we can't wait to celebrate some really special birthdays!!! Daddy turns 4-0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Lucy will be 5! Birthdays and holidays we come!!!!

Burt's Pumpkin Farm and Carving 


Fun Weekends!