Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gracious! That is fabulous!

It just ALWAYS exceeds expectations! We look forward to going to Seagrove Beach all year! From the minute we drive away, we start talking about our next trip. This year was no different! We were so excited that the Martin Family was coming back the same week again! We had a great time getting to know them last year and the kids loved playing together! Lucy was so very sad when we left yesterday. She was teary and just couldn't imagine leaving her friends and the beach! Both kids really had a hard time leaving this year. They are enjoying that time as much as we do!
Ramsgate is the perfect place for families to play together and still have their own great space! AND who knew we would meet another family and the 6 adults would have such a great time together! There were 5 girls and 1 boy! Ha! Jack didn't mind at all! As usual, Jack stayed in the waves the WHOLE time! He absolutely loves it and never tires of jumping into the waves as they crash. That was one TIRED boy each day! He did really enjoy playing with the girls...especially the older girls (9 and 10 years old! Oh my!) There were a few blushes and giggles when they were mentioned! I am not sure I am ready for that!
It truly was a great group and the kids LOVED having friends to play with each day and the adults really enjoyed getting to know eachother! We had great long days on the beach and great meals on the decks each evening! It was everything we hoped it would be!

We pulled into town and headed straight to Bud and Ally's for snacks and a drink! Shrimp, smoked trout dip and sweet potato fries! Oh yummy! Steven and I got an extra order of the trout dip to go so we could enjoy it on the deck! We hung out until sunset on the beach that day! We had an awesome dinner at Red Bar one night, had yummy shrimp and grouper from Seagrove Market and even had some steamed shrimp from Goatfeathers a few times! Lucy will eat shrimp as fast as you can peel them! She gets it honest! Steven made an AWESOME low country boil one night for all 3 families! It was delicious! We even had a visitor! Ha! The rental chair guy came up to hang out with us! I think he was fascinated that "old" people have fun too!
The days went by too quickly but we had the best time playing in the sand, jumping the waves, enjoying slow mornings on the deck with coffee, long evenings on the deck with wine (Ha!), afternoon naps, monkey bread, Frost Bites shaved icee, seafood, great friendships and awesome family times!
It is always such a special time for us and we love the slow pace and no schedule! It was a great time for our little family! Until next year!