Thursday, April 14, 2016

It was Magical!

Happy Spring at the Leonard house! Would you believe that we have been in our pool multiple times already? Well, the kids have been in the pool. NO way that we would get in it that cold! But, it's been fun to heat up the hot tub and start getting the pool area ready for summer! We are so excited about summer days ahead! Steven has already been working hard in the yard!

So, Jack is 8 years old!!! We can't believe how big our baby is! He is just such a big kid now..literally he is huge! We celebrated his birthday all week in Disney and then on his actual birthday, we did all the things he wanted! Edward our Elf came to visit in his birthday suit and brought treat cereal for the kids! I think they each ate 3 bowls of cereal! We played in our pjs, went out to lunch and then had a few neighbors over for hotdogs and cupcakes (his request! And it was yummy!) The kids and I made chocolate coca-cola cupcakes with chocolate coca-cola icing! OMG! So good! They have loved watching cupcake wars lately and wanted to make homemade ones! Jack also got the first Harry Potter book for his birthday! He was excited about getting such a big kid book! He is flying through books right now! Jack LOVES to read!!! He is playing soccer this season, running camp has started back with Gotta Run Kids (he is now in the 5K group with 3rd-5th graders! We are so very very proud of him and he is really loving it!).  He is also signed up for swim team for the summer! We are staying busy! Jack continues to be such a sweet and tender hearted child! His favorite thing to do is just play! Climbing trees (climbing anything!), playing tag, making up games with Lucy....and to add to the list.......... ROLLER COASTERS! He absolutely loves them! We are so proud of the kid he is growing up to be! Jack also received his Wolf Badge for Cub Scouts. We are proud of how hard he has worked with his Den.  We are also very thankful for how hard Daddy works with the group! He is currently the Committee Chairman for the Pack and also is the assistant Den Leader for Jack's group. It's really special what they have gotten to do! They even went to Charleston with Scouts to sleep on the battleship!!!

We also celebrated Easter at Aunt Jenn's again! We love going over there for such a great lunch together as a family and Aunt Jenn ALWAYS goes above and beyond for the kiddos! They get very excited about going over there! And Lucy is always happy when she gets to be around "Cutelyn"! That is what she calls Caitlin! We love her so much!

AND Mommy ran another half marathon!!!! We spent an amazing and fun weekend with great friends in Seagrove Beach! I had the absolute best time training with my girls and it was such a wonderful experience to cross that finish line together! Super grateful for strong friends who always push me to be my best! #5 in the books!

Spring Break was spent at the MAGICAL WALT DISNEY WORLD! Whoa! It was fun and wonderful and exhausting! Ha! The kids absolutely loved it and it's just too fun to see them so excited! We counted down for 50 days and ripped our last ring open the morning we drove down! We were so happy to stay one night with Mimi on the way down to Orlando! They made a great dinner, we all got to visit and relax! We left her house early Monday morning! We were at the Polynesian by lunch time! One of the happiest parts of our trip was that Nannie and Ugga were there with us for a few days! The kids LOVED it and we loved getting to spend time together! Jack played with Ugga a ton and loved having a roller coaster buddy!
We spent Monday afternoon at the Magic Kingdom riding as much as possible! We ate an early dinner over there and spent the evening on the beach at the Polynesian! Lucy found some friends to play with in the sand, Jack ran around, the adults got to chat and we even saw a big alligator right off the shore in the lake! We watched the fireworks from the club level with Nannie and Ugga!
Tuesday we got up and headed to an early breakfast at Ohana where we saw Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch! Too fun! The food was yummy! We headed back to Magic Kingdom for the day with lots of rides and we even met Mary Poppins and Tinkerbell! We loved the parades and had a blast! Later that afternoon we went to Epcot and walked around after a few rides! We had dinner in France and it was so yummy! Nannie and I really enjoyed our wine!!!
Wednesday morning, the boys went to ride a few things early and the girls hung out before Nannie and Ugga headed home! We went to Animal Kingdom around lunch time and had lots of fun! Some yummy food for lunch, a few rides, the safari and back to the Polynesian for the Luau!!! We all LOVED the show at the Luau and Mommy and Daddy REALLY enjoyed the food! It was so great! Lucy told us that the flamethrower was "jazzy"! Oh my gracious! Help us!
That night the kids begged to swim at the resort! They had a blast playing and going down the big slide!
Thursday we spent the day at Hollywood Studios! It was fun to see all the Star Wars stuff! We saw the storm troopers march through the park and even met Kylo Ren!!! YIKES! We all did the Star Wars tour ride. The kids loved it and Steven and I were sick for the next 3 hours! Ha! The boys rode the Rock n Roll Roller Coaster! OMG! Jack was soooooo excited! I still can't believe he wanted to ride it! We headed back and spent the evening at Magic Kingdom! It really was such a happy trip and are so thankful to have spent some good family time together!