Thursday, August 4, 2016

And just like that....

...summer break came to an end and school started! Just wow!!!! Our sweet BIG kids got on the bus together today for the first time. Jack is starting 3rd grade and Lucy is starting Kindergarten! Jack was really excited (and most excited about having Lucy at school and telling her all about it!) He said the one thing he was nervous about was learning cursive in 3rd grade! ha! Lucy has been so ready and has seemed so old that it wasn't that hard to wrap our heads around her going to school! However, she was a little quiet at the bus stop and I could tell she was a bit nervous and that was the moment that tugged at my heart! Our little girl walking around those big halls! I am so ready for them to get off the bus and tell us all about their day!!!!

So, our summer was magical! I mean really awesome! The kids LOVED being home and playing with Sophia so much! They checked off just about every item on their summer list! They went to the park, played in the pool, went shopping, made forts, went to Monkey Joes, went to Polo Tennis camp, Jack had Cub Scout camp for a week, they went to Poppa and Nunno's where they did putt-putt, played at a water park, went to a movie, played at the YMCA, they went to Mimi and Papa Tillie's and got to play by the river, go fishing, see family, go swimming, they completed an awesome summer of swim team too! We got to spend a weekend at the lake with amazing friends! We played golf as a family a few times, ate out by the pool most days, had tons of movie nights, had friends over, went on playdates, had a big movie night outside and enjoyed every minute we got to spend together!
It was just awesome and it's been so hard to see it come to an end! BUT...there are so many fun things ahead of us this Fall! We are equally excited about that!

Enjoy some of our pictures from our FUN filled summer!

First Day of School!!!

GO Polo Dolphins!!!!!

4th of July!

Peachtree Road Race!

Fun at the Lake!

Fun at Mimi's House!!!!

More Summer Fun!