Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Merry!

Just like every other year, it's amazing how fast it comes and goes! We had SUCH a happy holiday season! Our Christmas was filled family, friends and fun!
We continued our festivities with multiple gingerbread decorating events! We decorated houses at our clubhouse with friends, Jack had a decorating party at After School Program, and with his cub scout troop (Daddy was awesome getting all the boys a gingerbread man with lots of fun stuff to decorate!), and Jack's class party was a gingerbread house decorating event! Needless to say, our kitchen counter was covered in multiple decorated gingerbread assortments! We also attended the North Atlanta Christmas Festival at Mount Pisgah church in Roswell. It is an amazing show and the kids LOVED it!
We spent a weekend in Gainesville celebrating with Poppa, Nunno and the cousins! The kids love being together and they had fun playing and opening presents together!
Our annual dinner club is always so much fun! Elizabeth and Chris hosted this year and it's amazing how each year has changed! From a group of 4 girls, to a group of couples with no kids...then a bunch of babies and young kids...and then this year the adults all sat at the "big table" and enjoyed a slow meal with fun conversation while the kids took care of themselves at the kids table! We sat around and talked for a long time while the girls put on a princess fashion show! So thankful for great friends!
Nannie, Ugga, Granny, Tybee and Dooley all got here on Monday evening!! We surprised Granny and Lucy with tickets to the Nutcracker! The girls headed downtown to the Fabulous Fox Theater on Tuesday! It was such a special day! Lucy was so excited and squealed at the ballerinas! Everyone enjoyed it and we were so happy it worked out to go together! We came back to Cumming and met the boys at Branchwater for a nice dinner! It was truly a special day!
Grand bubba got in town Christmas Eve and we were sooo excited he got to be here to celebrate with us! Christmas Eve was spent at the house wrapping presents, drinking coffee, making cookies and decorating them for Santa! Jack read the entire 'Twas the Night Before Christmas book to everyone! That was really neat and we were so proud of him! The kids went to bed soooo excited!!! The adults enjoyed a very nice dinner after the kiddos went to sleep! Filets, roasted veggies and french onion rice! We were all excited to wake up and see what Santa had brought everyone!
We made monkey bread and opened presents Christmas morning! It was so fun to all be in pjs! Daddy worked on grilling our turkey outside and we had an amazing lunch that afternoon! Poppa and Nunno joined us and got to visit with everyone for awhile! Then it was naps for most of us and leftovers that evening! We could not have had a happier time!!! Merry Merry!

Gingerbread Decorating Party at Polo

Jack's Party at Vickery Creek

Lucy's Christmas Program at Goddard 

Christmas at Poppa and Nunno's 

Dinner Club at The Reilly's 

The Nutcracker at The Fabulous Fox Theater

Dinner at Branchwater...and intense Tic Tac Toe games!

Christmas Eve 

Christmas Day!