Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Days 'til Christmas!

Whew!!! December is flying!!! We are having so much fun! We celebrated Lucy's 4th birthday with a fun girls breakfast and painting party! Her friends had a great time and Lucy feels like such a big girl! Their painting projects turned out so cute! They enjoyed their pink iced donuts, pink milk, candy canes, muffins and fruit! We enjoyed Mimi being here the whole weekend to celebrate Lucy and to have an early Christmas! It was so much fun with her being here! Steven and I even go to sneak away to the BDR Christmas party that Saturday night! We had so much fun!
This weekend we had our annual Breakfast with Santa at our house! It's our 7th year and now we have all these BIG kids!!! The food was super yummy and the kids were very excited to tell Santa what they are hoping he brings them on Christmas Day! Santa reminded them that they have 12 days left to really be good and stay on the Nice List!
After Santa left and we had eaten enough (Ha!).. .Steven, the kids and I headed down to the Ga Dome to watch Benedictine win their first EVER State Championship! It was sooooo fun! John Thorpe (our Godson) dresses out as a freshman! We saw so many great friends and were so thankful to be there to see them win! We stopped by The Varsity on the way home for a very traditional Atlanta meal! Cheeseburgers, chili dogs, fries, onion rings and apples pies!!!!
It was a very happy family day! We are now snuggled by the fire and the Christmas tree watching another Hallmark movie! Life is happy! Merry Merry!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Deck the Halls!

Whoa! It's here and we are decorated from top to bottom! We look forward to this all year! The holiday season has begun and we have already made some fun memories!! AND we have celebrated two fun birthdays and Thanksgiving!
Earlier in the month the adults headed to Highlands, NC for our annual weekend getaway with the Coopers! It was so fun as always! Great shopping, eating and some really good wine! We are grateful for friends that to getaway and celebrate with us! This weekend is typically around Julie and Steven's birthday! The kiddos had a happy weekend with Poppa and Nunno while we were in the mountains!

We had a slight change in plans this Thanksgiving. We usually go to Poppa and Nunno's to celebrate but since Poppa had a boo-boo that needed to be fixed (and he was awesome and did great with this boo-boo fixing!!) we celebrated here at our house! It was our first time to host Thanksgiving! Nannie, Ugga, and Grandbubba came up on Wednesday! It was so much fun! We cooked and played and talked and  had the best time the whole time!!! The kids loved having family in the house! I had the opportunity to teach at HPF for three mornings over the holiday too! Thanksgiving morning started with pumpkin monkey bread and coffee!! Daddy was outside with his turkey on The Egg and the parade was on three different TVs! We ate around 1:30 and then most of us fell asleep! The kiddos managed to put together two Lego sets while we were resting! And as traditions has it, the adults watched Christmas Vacation that night after Jack and LuLu were asleep! It never disappoints!!
It was a packed house at HPF on Thanksgiving morning! So grateful to get to be a part of it!

Friday was our sweet Lucy's 4th birthday!!! The morning started out very exciting since Edward (our elf) came back to visit for the season ..and was even dressed up for Lucy's birthday! He brings fun cereal, marshmallows, candy canes and hot chocolate! The kids were so excited! He even brought some new pjs this year! (we LOVE pjs around this house!) We continued to celebrate when we went to get our Christmas tree (and had Nannie, Ugga, and Grandbubba with us!) We picked out a BIG tree again and had some hot chocolate by a fire! It was a beautiful crisp day! It really was so fun to have family here to help decorate the tree! We spent the whole afternoon putting on the lights and unwrapping the ornaments. The kids love all of this and sat on the ground and literally did all of the unwrapping! It's so fun to have the tree up! Some friends stopped by that night and we got to sing Happy Birthday to our sweet girl! Cookie cake for everyone!!

SOOOO excited about birthday presents!

Lucy LOVED her spa chair and set that Nannie brought for Isabelle!

In her defense..the sun was very bright!

Saturday we spent most of the day with the Reilly's cheering for Ga Tech! GO Jackets!!! Such a crazy and fun game to watch! So happy the Jackets pulled out the win!

A few other things from the month... I ran a 15K trail race with Kristin and Jennifer! So fun and in such a beautiful place in Serenbe! Daddy and I also got out one night to see Sunset Strip again at 37 Main! An 80s rock cover band! Fun night with fun friends! AND Lucy got to bring home her class bear named Candie because she had such a fantastic week!! Candie spent the whole weekend with us! 

We finished up our trip tree in the front windows and Daddy got most of the outside decorations up! Too fun!!! We are cozy this morning putting the train around the tree and getting ready to start our week! It's been so great being home together over Thanksgiving! Happy and MERRY times around here!