Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring Break and Jackie Bear BONANZA!

We have had the happiest Spring Break EVER!!! From the minute the kids got out of school last Friday until today... we have been having fun!
The kids made a poster board with activities that they wanted us to do during Spring Break! We have just about checked off all of them and added LOTS more!

We went to see the movie Home at the new theater near us with the big recliners! We have fun snacks, went to a new pizza place afterwards and even went out for special treats too! We enjoyed some great weather in the backyard and surprised the kids on Tuesday night with the news of our downtown adventures! We took the kids to downtown Atlanta to stay the evening and check out so many of the great places Atlanta has for kids! We started out adventures on Wednesday around lunch time at the Ritz Carlton! We were on the Club Level which meant we had access to the Club Lounge ALL DAY LONG! There were all kinds of snacks, food, treats and drinks! We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and the kids thought it was so fun to have a plate shaped like a guitar! We walked to Centennial Olympic Park to look around and made our way to the World of Coke.  Steven and I had never been there either so it was so fun! The kids loved it and are still talking about the tasting room! Hahahah! Jack said his tummy was super full after we left! The kids somehow managed to talk me into riding the Skyview ferris wheel! I sat with my eyes closed for a good bit of the ride.... but hopefully I got credit for riding it with the family! We stopped by the Peachtree Westin on the way back to our hotel to have a drink at the Sundial! The kids LOVED the glass elevator to the top and you could see soooo far from the top of the hotel! They also thought it was very fun that the floor rotated around so you could see all the views! We made it back to our hotel and had a yummy dinner and they everyone got clean and snuggly in pajamas! Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some wine while we all cuddled to watch Paddington in our room! We were worn out and loved our fun night! The kids think it is so fun to stay in a hotel!

We got up early Wednesday morning and had a really great breakfast before making our way to the Georgia Aquarium! We got to see the Dolphin Show, the 4D Depo movie and all of the exhibits! Jack was our tour guide since he had been to the aquarium recently for a field trip! We had so much fun!!! We grabbed a quick lunch before heading back home for the evening! It was such a fun adventure with the kids! It was a lot of walking and they were so great! I hope they will remember the fun things we do as a family!

We woke up Friday morning....and it was Jack's 7th birthday!! (We have celebrated for about 5 days! Ha!) We had donuts for breakfast and Jack got to pick what we did all day! He picked Taco Mac for lunch! (Daddy and I were not disappointed!) and then we walked up to Vickery for pizza and Chill Hill that night! It was a gorgeous evening and we loved walking up there for dinner!

Saturday brought another GREAT family yard day! We are slowly but surely getting through our planting and spring work for the yard. The kids are so great at helping out! They have scrubbed the furniture to clean it up for the season, helped plant flowers, and do all kinds of yard work!
We had a fun little camp out party for Jack last night! We loved having some family and a couple of buddies over to play! The kids ate hotdogs outside the tent while the adults enjoyed hanging out and talking! We had cookie cake and then....the kiddos got in the hot tub...........AND THE BIG POOL! Wow! we could not believe they were not freezing! We have officially broken in the new pool! It was so fun! The adults hung out pretty late into the evening and then Daddy, Lucy and Jack camped out in the tent ALL NIGHT! Mommy slept inside just to make sure the house was ok! ;)
They did great and we had a VERY happy time celebrating our sweet little man!

Today brought some cleaning up and getting ready for starting another week.... but before then we headed out for lunch and then for 9 holes of golf! We came back and did some swimming outside and watched the Masters this afternoon!
Happy and Thankful Leonards!