Sunday, June 15, 2014

From Beaches to Mountains!

I feel like we talk about it every year..but our trip to Seagrove Beach ALWAYS exceeds expectations! It is truly a happy place for our family and we LOVE every slow unscheduled moment!! We left Seagrove Friday night...and got up Saturday morning and headed to the beautiful mountains with the family (stay tuned for our mountains post! Lots of pictures from that too!)
We got down there about 2:30pm last Saturday and went straight to Bud and Alley's for a cold beer, a couple of lemonades and some appetizers! Our little tradition! The kids were about to bust to get to the beach house so we ate quickly and were in our bathing suits in record time! Lucy was just squealing! She told us on the ride down there, "I just can't stop smiling!!!" Oh that makes my heart happy!
We spent each day down on the beach! The weather was amazing and our neighbors were fabulous! Each family had kids and they all played so great together! We ate lunch each day on the deck and almost every dinner! We did go out one night to Red Bar and it was so yummy! It was a very good dinner!
Jack was definitely our wave slayer! He stayed in the water! Jumping waves, kicking waves, punching them..whatever he could do! He loved it and if they knocked him down then he loved it even more! He and Steven would go out deeper and "duck dive". They would dive into each wave. Jack would yell to the waves that they were too small! And they would get bigger and knock him right down!
Lucy was our sand princess! She LOVED the sand. Laid in it..played in it... buried herself in it..fell down in it on purpose! She LOVED it! We spent most of our time playing on the beach! We would take a break each day after lunch to get out of the sun for a little bit. It was a perfect time to snuggle with the kids and take a nap while they rested and watched shows and read books! Oh I love an unscheduled day!!!
We ate some great seafood and enjoyed each moment together. It was as happy as we could have imagined our week together to be!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Nothing but fabulous!

We had the HAPPIEST Memorial Day weekend... EVER! It was so happy to all be home together with no big plans! We spent the whole weekend hanging out with neighbors, playing, swimming, grilling out and even fit in a camp out in the backyard! It was some MUCH needed down time for our busy little family!

We were all there to see Jack off the bus on the last day of school! Everyone was excited and had Popsicles! Jack did so great in Kindergarten and ended the year getting the "Honest Abe" award in his class for having great character and always being honest! We are so proud of him!
The kids camped out with Steven on Sunday night! We grilled hamburgers, made smores and even had a few nature hunts around the yard! It really was a very happy weekend!

Jack had his first swim meeting on Thursday evening. That is just too cool! It was the two biggest teams in the area and the neighborhood was PACKED! It was wild and fun! Jack swam in 3 events! He loved it and is so excited that we get to do it next week!

It's summer time around the Leonard house and we are LOVING it!!!!!!